Anabel Stiehle
is a german based stylist and artdirector
with experience in photo and video production
and a degree in fashion design.

+ 49 (0) 151 425 18 990



Markus Pritzi, Peter Kaaden, Henrique Gendre, Stefan Heinrichs,
Kira Bunse, Peter Langer, Björn Ewers, Nico Bustos, Alexander Straulino,
Georg Roske, Maximilian Wiedenhofer, Schmidt & Gorges, Axl Jansen,
Rickard Sund, Frauke Fischer, Jens Schmidt, Stills & Strokes, Lennart Etsiwa,
Till Janz, Michael Güth, Justin Izumi, Victor Holland, u.a.


Cosmopola, Montblanc, Zalando, Bears Calling, Jägermeister, Lilienthal,
Item M6, Trident, Oral B, Hotel Galaxy Films, Zalando Collection,
Deutsche Bahn, DZ Bank, Robin Look, Mrs Sporty, Mc Fit,
Fischer, Total, Melitta, u.a.


Marteria, Drangsal, Namika, Lea-Sophie Cramer, Scalamari,
Anika Väth, The King of Cons, Axel Prahl, Jenny Elvers,
Bettina Zimmermann, Kai Wiesinger u.a.

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